The Junket

48 Hour Film Project required elements

Genre:  Comedy

Character:  Ed/Elly Marlina, Journalist

Prop:  A wrapped present

Line of Dialogue:  "I don't care, you decide"




Directed By

Slushpile Entertainment


Written By

Slushpile Entertainment


Produced By

Frank Mohler



Elly Marlina - Jenna Busch

Camera Operator - Ian Clark-Daugherty

Reggie Black - Bradford Hastings

Make-up Person - Carol Ann Sparks

Calvin Glendale - Brian Ward


Director of Photography

Irving Ong



Frank Mohler


Camera Operator

Ian Clark-Daugherty



Ian Clark-Daugherty



Bradford Hastings



Shannon Dedman

Carol Ann Sparks


Graphic Design

Shannon Dedman



Carol Ann Sparks


Script Supervisor

Merry Chen


Production Assistant

Elliot Rutstein

© Slushpile Entertainment

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